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A Message from the President and CEO August 2019



We are trying to make dealing with Exemplar Global simpler. Both personal certification and training provider customers have told us that sometimes it can be complicated and time-consuming to keep up with the ‘paperwork’ required to gain certification in the first place and then maintain it. We have a fantastic team who, over the years, have helped customers through the process. But in this day of automation, we have listened to your feedback and want to make the process much more straightforward so you can get the certification you need, keep it, and extend it as you build your career.

You may already have felt the effect of making the process simpler, but to briefly summarize, here are the changes for personal certification customers:

    • Your certification will now continue indefinitely so long as you complete CPD and agree to our code of conduct annually, complete the Work Style Assessment every three years (no longer four), and of course, pay the fees! There will no longer be the four-yearly recertification process.

    • Payment for fees can be made in one annual payment or monthly instalments.

    • Continuing professional development is now no longer required.

    • Work experience has been removed. We no longer require evidence of work experience for management system schemes.

    • Audit logs have been removed. We no longer require audit logs as evidence of audit experience for our management system schemes.

    • Longer recognition of training. We now recognize training certificates that have been granted for up to 10 years instead of three.

    • Recognition of experience or training to earn scopes. We now allow customers to either submit training or audit experience toward scope requirements.

    • Some grades have been eliminated. We have eliminated the following grades: provisional, associate, and principal. Provisional and associate auditors will be moved up to the auditor grade.

And for training providers:

    • Training certification will continue indefinitely so long as you complete your annual exam reviews, submit your graduate lists, and pay your fees.

    • Elimination of office audits. We will no longer do initial or annual office audits. Instead, we will complete one initial remote assessment when a new customer applies for TPECS certification.

    • Elimination of document review. We will no longer do document reviews. Instead we will have an initial remote exam review of each TPECS competency unit when a new customer applies for TPECS certification. Thereafter, all TPECS customers must do annual remote exam review for each competency unit.

    • All TPs must provide graduate lists monthly.

    • There is a completely new fee structure in place for the new TPECS product. It is roughly equivalent to what customers currently pay over their three-year certification cycle.

In our aim to bring our processes up to date, to automate and simplify, there may be more changes to come.

Of course, we also have our new products such as the Recognized Training Provider program available for both current and new customers.

Please feel free to talk to our team about the differences and benefits of each. As always, we welcome your feedback on the changes we have made.

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