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A Message from the President and CEO, April 2021



By now many of you would have seen Exemplar LINK and have already registered. While Exemplar LINK allows you to access our services, the platform is much more than that. In simple terms, Exemplar LINK intends to connect and embrace all participants in the conformity community and better serve their professional needs. We aim to do this by encouraging ongoing professional development at all career stages—from brand new auditors, to long-time professionals, and anyone with an interest in conformity assessment.
Exemplar LINK aims to serve you the best way we can and is intended for auditors, training providers, CAB’s and all professionals working in conformity assessment. There is something for everyone.

When you register in Exemplar LINK, you will be able to complete a professional profile that captures who you are, your achievements, and how you want to develop your career. From there, you can access services including virtual Expos and digital badges that recognize your achievements. You will also be able to develop your self-awareness with tools like the Work Style Assessment, which in turn enhances your profile. Not to mention, the ability to keep abreast of the latest in the auditing world through our online magazine, the Auditor Online. Through Exemplar LINK you will soon be able to plan your career pathway with ongoing professional development and training, find job opportunities, and link with those looking for professionals.

Through Exemplar LINK, certified professionals can manage their own administration and view and download certificates and invoices. You can also apply for certification, be it your first certification, or additional certification.

Exemplar LINK is still a work in progress and we regularly add new content so there is always something new and exciting to discover. We encourage you to check Exemplar LINK regularly and we welcome your feedback and ideas.

Best of all, there is no cost to register in Exemplar LINK and access most of the features. For example, our three virtual Expos and the Auditor Online magazine are valued at more than US $400 for those not registered in Exemplar LINK. Some services, where we incur costs, do incur a fee, but all are voluntary.

You do not need to be an auditor to register for Exemplar LINK. There is something for everyone with an interest in the profession. Please, come and join us and encourage others to take a look and register. Once again, there is no cost to join. If you are an auditor, a training provider, an audit manager, or a quality manager, why wouldn’t you?

Ready to get certified? Register & Apply for your certification on

Exemplar LINK

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