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A Message From the President and CEO April 2019



Last week we concluded our first Food Safety Expo. The Expo was our first specialist subject matter virtual event to offer focussed presentations to specialist auditors and others. The event was a success and I would like to thank all of those who attended. We welcome your feedback so we can refine and improve future events. I would also like to thank our presenters for their excellent program of presentations and our sponsor, D.L. Newslow & Associates. Your support is greatly appreciated and you will see more events in more disciplines in the future.

As I mentioned, the Food Safety Expo was a virtual event and you may have noticed that we are doing more of these. We sincerely believe that it is a better way to reach out to more people who can attend at their own convenience, for whatever parts interest them, in an affordable way, without the need for time off work, and the airfares and hotel bills that come with attending conferences in person. I see us building more of these events into a significant calendar for our customers and again, we welcome your thoughts and suggestions for areas of interest.

Access to these virtual events also feature in packages of services that we are now offering for training providers and certification bodies. The demand for these new services is high and the feedback we are receiving is very pleasing. However, the virtual events component is by no means the whole story of those packages. For training providers, the package of services offers you and your graduates an opportunity to effectively extend the work you do on your courses for a further 12 months by including exposure to learning opportunities and interaction with the communities we serve. For certification bodies, we offer a relationship with Exemplar Global that has not been possible before, which features group certification of auditors, enhanced ongoing learning opportunities, and data gathering and sharing that we believe is an innovative first for our sector. To obtain more information about our Recognized Organization program or to enroll today, please get in touch with us.

As we look to the future, I see new ways to learn and develop. As just one example, microlearning and microcertifications could be possible very soon. It is exciting times as we embrace new technologies and prepare for the future. Virtual events are just the start. We look forward to working with you to develop the products and services you want and need. We love hearing from you on any matters of interest.

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