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Auditing Profession Career Pathway Survey

The “Auditing Profession Career Pathway Survey” provides a detailed insight into the health of the auditing profession, how to source and train new auditors, and how to retain skilled auditors and utilize their knowledge for the benefit of the industry. It asks the all-important question: “Where will the future population of auditors come from?”

The research is the result of an Exemplar Global LinkedIn study, which included responses from more than 1,000 auditors, and addressed key trends and industry challenges – such as job satisfaction, gender equality, and the need to attract a new generation.

The “Auditing Profession Career Pathway Survey” white paper clarifies facets of the global auditor population and highlights discourses including expectations, assumptions, and judgments weighing in on those in the profession to determine what they reveal about the current state of the auditing profession.

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Personal Attributes as a Predictor of Continuing Competency

Taking an in-depth look at personal attribute assessments, in “Personal Attributes as a Predictor of Continuing Competency,” Exemplar Global President and CEO Peter Holtmann discusses the importance of personal attributes to the hiring process and their ability to predict future work patterns.

Drawing on academic research and practical examples, Holtmann discusses the relationship between personal attributes and competency, and how this can prove useful in personnel selection and provide insight into cognitive and behavioral patterns that show stability over time and across situations.

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