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How to Sell the Value of a Certified Training Course

As an Exemplar Global certified training provider, you understand the value and importance of providing a certified training course for your students. But how do you communicate and sell those benefits to your potential audience? Why would students choose your course over hundreds of other training providers? Don’t waste your time and money completing a […]

ASQ Seeks Members for Committee to Revise ISO 19011

ASQ is administering the U.S. committee to revise ISO 19011, Guidelines for auditing management systems. ASQ is calling for applications to join the technical advisory group (TAG) responsible for revising the standard—TAG 302. ISO 19011:2011 provides guidance on auditing management systems: including the principles of auditing, managing an audit program, and conducting management system audits. […]

Free 10-Week Food Microbiology Course Starts Soon in Sydney, Australia

Interested in a career as a food auditor? Want to update your food auditing skills and knowledge? Happen to live in the Sydney, Australia, area? Sydney TAFE has introduced a fee-free short course in food microbiology. Commencing April 27, the course will run for one night a week for 10 weeks – finishing up early […]

Exemplar Global Gratiis Participates in Aftercare Event

Exemplar Global’s Gratiis division was proud to be a part of the Aftercare “My Career, Pathways to Practice, Mental Health Practitioner 2016 National Conference,” which was held in Sydney, Australia, on April 6. As key sponsor, exhibitor, and breakout session facilitator, the conference gave allowed Exemplar Global a platform to showcase its services to mental […]

Global Audits and Auditor Competence

Performing global audits or international audits can be tricky. Culture, trust, risk, error, and competence are key factors in these situations, and they can determine if an accurate outcome is delivered. A recent business negotiation led me to consider just how reliable audits are when performed globally or internationally. During the negotiation what seemed to […]

How to Improve Customer Service in Your Business

By Michelle Tolhurst We constantly hear about businesses delivering poor customer service, whether it’s a product that didn’t meet expectations, late delivery of a product, unreturned emails, or a no show for appointments—the list goes on. Bad customer service will affect your businesses reputation, customer loyalty, and in turn your profits. We all get busy […]

ASQ, Exemplar Global Enhance Collaboration

Exemplar Global and ASQ have bolstered their partnership, setting a foundation poised to deliver an enhanced customer experience and offering a more comprehensive and integrated suite of products, services, and solutions for individuals and organizations worldwide. Exemplar Global provides career pathways and professional success to individuals through personal certification, training and credentialing services. Its parent […]

Revised version of ISO 13485 Medical devices

The revised version of ISO 13485 Medical devices—Quality management systems—Requirements for regulatory purposes—has now been published by the International Organization for Standardization. To reflect changes in the current standard—ISO 13485:2016—Exemplar Global has updated the competency unit and exam profile. These new documents can be found on the My Exemplar website and are available for download. […]

Quality for the Service Industry—Lessons from the Sharing Economy

How are quality practices being adopted into sharing economy services and what risks do consumers face by participating in industries that aren’t regulated? We live in an age where the ideas of an individual can be rapidly shared, supported, and funded by an insatiable audience. I’m talking specifically about off-beat, nontraditional service provisions. Here lies […]

Social Listening: the Art of Listening in Social Media

by Michelle Tolhurst Social media has grown to become the number one activity on the internet. The increase in social media interactions means that people are now talking about anything and everything in the public domain. With this in mind, is your business listening to your customers? Customers may not always respond directly to your […]