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ISO 50001 Revision Moves To Committee Draft 3 Stage

The revision of ISO 50001…

The revision of ISO 50001 for Energy Management Systems (EnMS) continues to progress with the latest draft, Committee Draft 3 (CD3), issued on February 3 and circulated by ISO Technical Committee ISO/TC 301.

Established to help organizations improve energy performance and cut energy costs, ISO 50001 offers a systematic approach to improve energy performance over time through the use of an EnMS. Successful implementation of an EnMS in an organization requires a cultural change and commitment from all levels and functions, especially top management.

Since its release six years ago ISO 50001 has become increasingly important. According to ISO, 11,985 ISO 50001 certificates were issued by the end of 2015, and the number of certificates increased by 77 percent during that year according to ISO’s global survey.

Based on discussions during the ISO/TC 301 meeting held in Paris in January, the revised ISO 50001 standard is likely to be published in January 2019. It will incorporate the high level structure and common text from Annex SL.

Based on current information, the expected timeline for the revision of ISO 50001 is as follows:

  • May/June 2017: Working Group 1 to meet in Beijing, China to generate a draft international standard (DIS), taking into account comments from the CD3.
  • July 2017: DIS to be submitted to ISO for launch of enquiry.
  • February 2018: TC 301 secretary to issue DIS ballot result and associated public comments.
  • June 2018: TC 301 WG1 to meet in Mexico to consider DIS comments.
  • July 18, 2018: final draft international standard to be submitted to ISO for launch of eight week FDIS ballot period.
  • January 19, 2019: ISO to publish ISO 50001:2019.

Comments on the ISO 50001 CD3 must be compiled and returned to ISO within the eight week comment window.

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