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Are Good Drivers More Competent At Their Work?

Maybe it’s just me but have you ever wondered how really bad drivers make it through life and how they act outside their vehicle? Makes you think doesn’t it… I was watching a driver in front of me last night and their road skills were highly questionable to say the very least. I mean really […]

What Can Lead Auditors Learn From Flat Pack Furniture?

Auditors are not made from flat-pack instructions for knowledge, skill and attributes. New recruits need to know there is more to the world of auditing than training to standards. Comparing auditing and leadership of audits to flat-packed furniture instructions seems a very long bow to draw, but wait! Let me explain… As certification professionals I […]

RABQSA Announces The International Product Recall Coordinator (IPRC) Certification

Milwaukee, Seoul, Sydney: RABQSA International, in conjunction with the IPRC Scheme Committee and Shadexi Consulting Pty Ltd, is proud to announce the launch of the International Product Recall Coordinator (IPRC) Personnel Certification Scheme. Large or small companies can benefit by ensuring their Product Recall Coordinators are knowledgeable and skilled in the prevention and management of […]

iNARTE Wireless Device Certification Professional (WDCP) Examination in Baltimore, MD

Milwaukee, WI: In 2012, iNARTE, now a product offering of RABQSA, launched the Wireless Device Certification Professional (WDCP) certification program. The WDCP Certification validates the special knowledge and experience required of professional engineers and technicians whose work involves the test and evaluation of a wide variety of licensed and unlicensed wireless devices for compliance with […]

iNARTE Merges into RABQSA International, Inc

Milwaukee, WI: The International Association for Radio, Telecommunications and Electromagnetics, Inc. (iNARTE) and RABQSA International, Inc. have executed official Articles of Merger, whereby the surviving organization, RABQSA International will absorb the operations of iNARTE. iNARTE will function in the future as a brand of RABQSA International. The merger aligns iNARTE’s business into RABQSA’s operations, creating […]