Exemplar Global Gratiis and Aftercare tackle employment for people experiencing mental illness

Exemplar Global Gratiis connected with Aftercare after hearing a talk on how mental illness has been identified, compartmentalized, and directed through the regulatory frameworks in Australia.

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The case for mental illness is never clear and can have debilitating effects on the employment seeker.

Through Aftercare’s Personal Helpers and Mentors Program (PHaMs), Exemplar Global aims to create a recognized credential for PHaMs with a view to utilize this credential to recognize the life experiences and personal qualities of people experiencing or returning from a mental illness.

For more than a century Aftercare has provided care and support to assist people to live independent lives in their chosen community. Their strength has always resided in the people the association supports, the dedicated staff who have given generously of their time and the many volunteer board members who have served throughout the years.

Aftercare is now the longest-serving organisation of its kind in Australia, with services in over 40 locations across Australia. Aftercare is committed to continuously evolving to meet the needs of all Australians. At any given time, thousands of people aged from 12 to 80 years are being supported through a range of services.

Aftercare is founded on the values of respect, integrity, leadership, professionalism, fairness and advocating a better understanding in the community of social and emotional well being.

Aftercare’s PHaMs program is funded by the federal government. It operates throughout Australia in partnership with non-government organizations. Through our PHaMs program, we work very closely with people living with mental illness, to assist them to lead independent lives.

PHaMs takes a strengths-based, recovery approach to working with people living with mental illness. As each person’s recovery is a very personal experience, strategies for achieving recovery are tailored to each individual and are centered on setting realistic, achievable, and measurable goals (based on each person’s strengths and values).

Aftercare creates opportunities for clients by walking alongside them on their journey to recovery.

The journey for Exemplar Global and Aftercare has just begun and will prove to be a rich and rewarding experience through the practical application of certification and the sensitive understanding of lifetime experiences as a contributor to fruitful employment.

All activities, resources, and time have been donated by Exemplar Global.


Exemplar Global Gratiis and the Zoo and Aquarium Association (ZAA) partner to establish the Positive Animal Welfare Scheme

Through mutual connections Exemplar Global Gratiis approached ZAA to assist in the definition and implementation of quality frameworks that underpin their developing standards on positive animal welfare.

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The Zoo and Aquarium Association represents the zoo and aquarium community throughout Australasia. The ZAA has 99 member organizations; 94 of these are zoos, aquariums, and museums, with the remainder consisting of universities, TAFEs, and government departments.

The ZAA manages the coordination of breeding programs and sets the level of professional standards and practice for its members. It also provides general support and advice where required to its members and governments on a range of issues such as biosecurity, wildlife disease, and species knowledge.

Using an extensive experience in the certification and conformity assessment industry Exemplar Global is helping ZAA document a series of procedures, policies, requirements, and practices that will deliver a robust certification system.

For ZAA the key drivers are trust and transparency into their practices that identify positive animal states. Ensuring that patrons, members, trustees, and it board can accurately and confidently communicate the programs virtues and the mechanisms to safeguard founding principles is a driving factor.

The position of ZAA is that all zoos and aquariums have a responsibility to ensure a high standard of animal welfare for all animals in their care. Conservation, education, research and recreational goals of zoological organizations must be underpinned by positive animal welfare.

The program is an industry-specific approach to assessing animal welfare states for zoos and aquariums. The purpose of the program is to validate and highlight an organization’s achievements in promoting positive animal welfare outcomes. The positive animal welfare focus of the program is a first in the zoo industry.

The perceived outcome from this interaction is for ZAA to be trained, competent, and aware of the processes required to implement and sustain a private standard.

For Exemplar Global it’s the justification that its processes are adaptable to any industry and its experiences are valued for the positive contributions it makes to communities.

All activities, resources, and time have been donated by Exemplar Global.