Gratiis: (grātiīs), Adv. without reward or consideration

A word as old as written language yet still relevant today when people find themselves unable to contribute to society as members of the workforce

Gratiis is the division of Exemplar Global that delivers our services at no cost to communities that need our services and are unable to pay for them.

Exemplar Global certifies people and accredits training courses. We certify people so that their employers know that they work to an internationally recognized standard of competence within the scope of their certification.

We certify training programs so that people who successfully complete the program can demonstrate that they are competent in a particular area of endeavor. This is usually the first step towards their certification.

Helping those in need

Many people trying to enter the workforce or transition from a period of recent unemployment are disadvantaged by location or distance, economic hardship, inexperience, health and/or minority issues.

For these people, often the biggest obstacle to finding a job is proving that they are competent to do the work.

At Gratiis we aim to help disadvantaged and deserving people by strategically investing in their education, assessment and certification by making our expertise, recognition and services available to them at no cost.

Recognizing those who help others

The route back to work for many people is populated by volunteers and community workers who freely give their time, effort and support and make other positive contributions to improving society.

Gratiis recognizes the contribution of volunteers and community workers by making our expertise and services available to them at no cost, too.

How we do it

Gratiis partners with social organizations, businesses and communities that support and assist disadvantaged people into the workforce.

We also partner with organizations that rely on the efforts of volunteers who give their time and skills to improve their communities. The Gratiis contribution can be as modest as providing recognition of work experience or as comprehensive as developing a complete framework for education, assessment and certification to compliment a career pathway.

Gratiis gives people confidence by removing barriers to their employment, sustains people’s integrity by recognizing their charitable contributions and builds relationships that encourage the sustainability of the voluntary sector.