Credentialing Services

Credentialing Services that Support Your Customers’ Career Path

Exemplar Global can become an extension of your customer engagement strategy, allowing your member community to enjoy the prestige that comes with being the best in their field.
Our credentialing services include:

  • Development of world-class competency-based personnel certification programs
  • Expert management of existing certification programs
  • Provision of computer-based testing—direct or proctored

Outsourcing your credentialing program to Exemplar Global allows you to focus on your core capabilities and offset the internal staff and IT expense required to set up and manage complex credentialing requirements. In these situations, our team and systems work as a discrete part of your customer service function. Integral to your credential program we ensure an excellent customer experience is delivered.

Our services support the daily management of your certification program by:

  • Extending your customer service capability to discretely manage application processing and exam administration and approval in partnership with your organization
  • Managing your program through Exemplar Global’s proven certification systems
  • Supporting your members’ career path through continuing professional development activity

Our credentialing clients range from scientific authorities to government regulatory bodies to food safety institutes. Click here to view case studies and examples in our Credential Management brochure.

Why do these organizations rely on Exemplar Global? Because we are experts in this field. We manage personnel certifications globally every day. We have created tried-and-proven processes and implemented effective automation tools that efficiently manage and support the development, roll-out, and subsequent submission, processing, and issuing of personnel certifications and associated examinations.

Want more information?

Interested in learning how we can support your credentialing needs? Click here to view our Credential Management brochure or email our Edward Balfour at to arrange an appointment to discuss how Exemplar Global’s credential services can benefit your member’s career path.