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Exemplar Global makes certification for you or your training course simple. You will find everything you need to get certified in this section of our website. We offer international products for an international community. Navigate your area of interest in the menu on the right.

Your Certification Options Explained

At Exemplar Global we offer certification to individuals seeking recognition of their skills and qualifications. Personnel certification is often a pre-requisite to employment for the auditing and inspection industries and provides assurance to employers and customers that you have the necessary knowledge, skills, attributes and experience and can provide value to their organization.

Exemplar Global designs, develops, and delivers personnel and training certification into the following streams:

Management systems-based schemes, such as:

  • Quality management systems auditors
  • Environmental management system auditors
  • Occupational health & safety management system auditors
  • Food safety management systems auditors & facilitators
  • Management systems consultants
Industry-based schemes, such as:

  • National Food Safety Auditor (Australia, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry)
  • Responsible Care Management System (USA, American Chemistry Council)
  • Airport Security (Sydney Airport Corporation Limited)
  • Frozen Food Inspectors (Japan Frozen Food Inspection Corporation)

All Personnel Certification schemes designed with Exemplar Global can be based on:

A competency-based approach, involving the measurement and examination of:

  • Certificate of Attainment of competencies specific to the scheme
  • Personal attributes
  • Skills-based competencies specific to the scheme; plus
  • Additional qualification-based options of assessment

A qualification-based approach, involving:

  • Recognition of education/qualifications
  • Completion of a Exemplar Global certified training course
  • Recognition of industry work experience
  • Recognition of specific scheme work experience (e.g. audit logs, on-site hours, face to face time)
  • Attendance at directed professional development activities.

Any competency-based scheme has the option of being accredited by the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS–ANZ) to the International Standard ISO/IEC 17024:2012. More information on Competency vs. Qualification Based personnel certification can be found under Certify Me.

Exemplar Global provides certification for training providers courses and examinations. This certification gives evidence to industry that a course is being delivered and examined in a reliable and consistent manner by trainers and examiners that are deemed competent. Training certification complements, and is often integral, to personnel certification.

Exemplar Global offers two forms of training provider and training course certification:

Training Provider and Examiner Certification Scheme (TPECS)

TPECS underpins the examination of knowledge-based competencies specific to the competency-based personnel certification schemes. The focus is on the training provider’s ability to examine each candidate against knowledge as defined by the personnel certification scheme.

Training Course Certification (TCC)

TCC underpins the delivery of training and fulfilment of training objectives specific to the qualification-based personnel certification schemes. The focus is on course design, development, conduct and achievement of course objectives. TCC can be used to certify streams of training courses that offer similar knowledge using different delivery methods.

More information on training certification can be found under Certify My Course.

We offer the widest range of industry and management based personnel certifications  for auditors, consultants, engineers, and technicians working in everything from Environmental to Food Safety to Aerospace to Security Management to Telecommunications. Simply browse your industry area in the Certify Me page and select the certification or scope you’re interested in. You will then be prompted to download the certification criteria including your application instructions and fee schedule. As a professional you can choose between Competency based or Qualification based assessment.

If you want to test your level of competency prior to applying for a certification, view our online exams on the Personality Assessments page.

We offer a range of certification products designed for organizations that train auditors, higher education institutions or commercial corporations that provide training to staff and customers. Visit the Certify My Course page to browse our categories and learn how to apply.

We  provide organizations and associations, such as industry trade bodies, with the ability to work with our expert team to design, build and manage (on your behalf) a purpose-built certification that will meet specific industry criteria in your region. To find out more about how we can help raise competency among your members/staff, regardless of their location, visit the Credentialing Services page.