The International Association for Radio, Telecommunications and Electromagnetics (iNARTE) merged with RABQSA International in June 2012. Together today, they form Exemplar Global.

More than 16,000 telecommunications, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Electrostatic Discharge Control (ESD) engineers and technicians have met the rigid certification criteria encompassing education, training, experience, supervisory and peer references and examination. The competency of iNARTE certified personnel has prompted many of the telephone, rail, power, pipe line and other industry corporations to mandate or prefer iNARTE certification as a pre-requisite to employment.

Gaining iNARTE certification allows engineers and technicians working in the area of telecommunications proof that they have the discipline and initiative to go the extra mile giving their clients the validation of their skills.  Aligning ourselves with the needs of the iNARTE community remains critical to the team at Exemplar Global.

iNARTE Certification

iNARTE certification gives you the competitive edge.  It provides documented evidence of expertise as recognized by US Courts and the international community.

The credibility of the iNARTE certification has prompted many communications, transportation, utility and manufacturing corporations as well as the US military to mandate or prefer iNARTE certification as a pre-requisite to employment.  The rigorous iNARTE certification criteria prove to employers that certified individuals have the training, experience, discipline and the initiative to get the job done right.

For Employers, iNARTE certification offers a benchmark of excellence.  It assures a measurable level of expertise and quality.  Levels of iNARTE certification, when used as a benchmark for advancement, serve as a barometer for assessing training requirements and personnel evaluation.  Certification enhances the public image of the company and its technical personnel.

Telecommunications: iNARTE’s Telecom certification is applicable to professionals practicing a wide range of telecommunications disciplines, including photonic systems, PCS/PCN, cellular, satellite, LAN, WAN and many more.   For more information. (link to product page)

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC/EMI): EMC certification is applicable to professional engineers and technicians practicing in EMC fields to include bonding, shielding, grounding, EMI prediction, EMI analysis, conducted and radiated interference, lightning protection and more.  For more information. (link to product page)

Electrostatic Discharge Control (EDC): EDC certification is appropriate for engineers and technicians whose training and experience have primarily focused on problems, engineering design and corrective measures associated with minimizing or eliminating electrostatic discharge.  For more information. (link to product page)

Product Safety: Product Safety certification focuses on engineering and practice to reduce types of risk to persons, animals and property that have to be covered by a formal hazard analysis to meet the requirements of the relevant legislation. The ability to effectively manage product safety in design, manufacture, installation and operational use is a mandatory requirement of all world-wide product safety legislation.  For more information. (link to product page)

Wireless Device Certification Professional (WDCP): WDCP certification focuses the skills and knowledge required in the global regulatory requirements applicable to the wide range of Wireless Devices now being introduced to most market segments. For more information. (link to product page)

iNARTE History

iNARTE originated as a non-profit membership/certification organization in 1982. With the advent of deregulation and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) “encouragement” for private industry to establish certification standards to fill the licensing void, iNARTE at the time initiated and developed a comprehensive certification program for engineers and technicians working in telecommunications.

In 1988, a Command of the United States Navy, seeking a credible and respected certification entity, selected iNARTE as the administrative agent for the certification of engineers and technicians in the field of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).

In 1993, iNARTE was recommended for and certified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as a Commercial Operators License Examination Manager (COLE Manager), authorized to administer all examination elements for FCC licensure, (formerly a FCC responsibility).

In 1994, the EDC association selected iNARTE to implement and administer a certification program for Electrostatic Discharge Control Engineers and Technicians.

In 1996, iNARTE provides expertise to support the Federal Government Telecommunication Access Advisory Committee.  Initiated by the Telecommunications Act of 1996, this effort seeks to develop guidelines and criteria for “readily achievable access” for disabled persons.  iNARTE enables the establishment of the Association of Access Engineering Specialists as a sub-unit of the NARTE organization.

In 1997, several foreign nations request NARTE assistance in the establishment of specific in-country certification programs comparable to and able to meet NARTE certification standards.

In 2000, iNARTE establishes the Unlicensed Wireless Systems Installer certification to identify fully qualified design and installation personnel.  This certification accredits professionals who design and install wireless systems which do not require a license from the FCC, including information systems, security systems and transportation systems.

In 2003, iNARTE, in cooperation with e-Global Education Partnership develops competency certification for product safety engineers and technicians.  Product safety engineers use hazard based analysis to identify and develop solutions to eliminate or minimize safety hazards.

In 2007, iNARTE, International Association for Radio, Telecommunications and Electromagnetics was born.

In 2012, iNARTE merged with RABQSA International, now known as Exemplar Global.