The Certified Skill Examiner (SE) is a recognised as competent to conduct Skill Examinations and is independent of the candidate being examined. Once you are a certified professional, you may be eligible to become an Exemplar Global Certified Skill Examiner and perform Skill Examinations on behalf of Exemplar Global. The benefits being:

  • Become an integral part of the Exemplar Global Competency based products
  • Be paid to assist colleagues in gaining certification
  • Gain the additional recognition at no additional cost


Exemplar Global Certified Skill Examiner

Knowledge Competencies: Exemplar Global-SE
Qualifications (education, training, work experience): Certificate IV Workplace Training and Assessment or Exemplar Global-AS
Personal Attributes: PAAS Master®
Skill Competencies: Certified Exemplar Global Lead Auditor or Current certification with a Certification Body accredited to ISO/IEC 17024