Do you audit information security management systems? Want to demonstrate that you are an information security management
system expert?

Exemplar Global’s Information Security Management System (ISMS) Auditor certification program can give you the international
recognition you need to stand out from the crowd.

Through extensive examination of your knowledge, work experience, and competence to audit, Exemplar Global ISMS Auditor certification
can give you proof of your competence to effectively conduct ISMS audits.

The program provides international recognition for auditors who conduct information security management system audits using
the ISO 27001:2013 standard or other management system standards and normative and industry references that are recognized
by Exemplar Global.

Exemplar Global’s ISMS Auditor certification program has been developed with advice from industry on the specific competencies
required by ISMS auditors to ensure the effective conduct of audits. This in turn provides confidence by organizations
in the outcomes of ISMS audits.

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Program Objectives

Exemplar Global’s ISMS personnel certification program has been developed to:

  • Achieve the requirements of the international standard for personnel certification, ISO/IEC 17024:2012.
  • Ensure that auditors meet or exceed the qualification guidelines for management system auditors described in ISO
    19011:2011 and ISO 27001:2013 as guidance.
  • Assist industry in selecting competent ISMS auditors.
  • Enhance the professional recognition of qualified auditors.

Two Ways To Get Certified

Qualification Based

Qualification-based personnel certification is based on the applicant’s education and qualifications, rather than on the basis of measurable competence.

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Competency Based

Competency-based personnel certification is based on specific competencies defined by industry as requirements for professionals who work in a given industry sector; your knowledge, skills, personal attributes and qualifications will be assessed.

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