‘APIQAuditor’ is a Scope of ‘NFSA Auditor Certification’

Australian Pork Industry Quality (APIQ) Auditor Certification

Competency Based Certification Exemplar Global RABQSA iNARTEThe Australian Pork Industry Quality Auditor Certification program has been developed as a scope under the National Food Safety Auditor (NFSA) Certification program to provide confidence to Australian Pork Ltd. (APL) and its customers that all auditors undertaking management system audits referencing APIQ Requirements have the appropriate competencies to ensure that all requirements are being met.

The NFSA and the APIQ scope have been developed to achieve conformity with ISO/IEC 17024:2012, the international standard for personnel certification.

This table provides a summary of certification requirements:

Certification Requirements Pre-requisite Certification Knowledge Competency Skill Competency
APIQ Auditor NFSA Level 2 or higher Exemplar Global-AP APIQ Skill Examination