The Heavy Vehicle Accreditation (HVA) Certification program is designed to provide recognition of professionals who conduct mandatory audits using National Heavy Vehicle accreditation standards in all Australian States and Territories. The benefits being:

  • Provides industry confidence.
  • National recognition ensuring that professionals have the necessary skills and attributes to conduct national accreditation standards.
  • Mandatory certification in order to conduct audits on behalf of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR).


HVA Auditor

Knowledge Competencies: Exemplar Global-AU Exemplar Global-QM
Examination: Exemplar Global-HV (completed online through Exemplar Global)
Personal Attributes: PAAS MasterĀ®
Skill Competencies: Skill examination (Conducting a HVA Accreditation Audit.)


NHVAS Fatigue Management

Knowledge Competencies: Exemplar Global NHVAS-FM
Work Experience: Minimum of two years industry experience in transport and logistics.