The Bus Operator Accreditation Scheme (BOAS) is designed to ensure a high level of confidence in bus inspections against defined requirements, leading to a safer workplace for bus employees and safer environments for bus users. The benefits being:

  • Provides Industry confidence.
  • National recognition ensuring that professionals have the necessary skills and attributes to conduct national accreditation standards.
  • Mandatory certification in order to conduct audits on behalf of the NSW Department of Transport.


BOAS Auditor

Knowledge Competencies: Exemplar Global-AU Exemplar Global-TL

PLUS at least one of the following: Exemplar Global-QM Exemplar Global-OH Exemplar Global-EM

Examinations: Exemplar Global-BA (completed online through Exemplar Global)
Personal Attributes: PAAS MasterĀ®
RMS Requirements: One day training course on BOAS Auditing provided by Roads and Maritime Services.
Skill Competencies: Skill examination (Conducting a BOAS audit.)