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CEO Blog: We’re Listening!

Talking with our customers, certified auditors, engineers, and training providers, it is clear that the world we work in is continually changing. When many of us started our careers 20 to 30 years ago, everything seemed straightforward. We needed auditor qualifications to demonstrate that we were qualified and competent. As we extended to a wider … Continue reading CEO Blog: We’re Listening!

The Influential Auditor

Influence is an attribute that can be developed once you know the formula. Knowing how to be influential in your daily pursuits can be the difference between a value-added experience for the auditee and just another audit. We all know at least one auditor of great influence and watch as they command an audit outcome, … Continue reading The Influential Auditor

Millennials’ Association with Quality

Let me be clear from the start: This is not an anti-millennial piece, rather a call to action. We are interested in you. Millennials (Members of the generation following Generation X, or two generations after the 1946 to 1964 baby-boom generation. Also known as Generation Y.), are the voice of future quality professionals. So let’s … Continue reading Millennials’ Association with Quality

“Hacking” Quality

Continuing my theme of the future of quality, the ability to see the future could come through some interesting lenses—hacking, for instance. Hack: A clever solution to a tricky problem. To hack is to modify or change something in an extraordinary way. (Urban Dictionary) While a more traditional definition of hack may be along the … Continue reading “Hacking” Quality

What Will Quality Look Like in 20 Years?

To look to the future, the quality profession is revisiting its roots. The question is, “Where is the next generation to help the profession look ahead?” Or, as I like to think of it, “What’s the emoticon for quality?” I recently attended ASQ’s World Conference on Quality and Improvement where we discussed powerful questions such … Continue reading What Will Quality Look Like in 20 Years?

Exemplar Global: Evolution, Future Gazing, and Opportunity

Exemplar Global has long been a leader in personnel certification. For the past 25 years we have remained dedicated to providing proof of competency. Throughout our pursuit of excellence we have helped thousands of professionals to enhance their career outcomes. Remaining a market leader in the certification of auditors has involved a constant evolution to … Continue reading Exemplar Global: Evolution, Future Gazing, and Opportunity

Global Audits and Auditor Competence

Performing global audits or international audits can be tricky. Culture, trust, risk, error, and competence are key factors in these situations, and they can determine if an accurate outcome is delivered. A recent business negotiation led me to consider just how reliable audits are when performed globally or internationally. During the negotiation what seemed to … Continue reading Global Audits and Auditor Competence

Quality for the Service Industry—Lessons from the Sharing Economy

How are quality practices being adopted into sharing economy services and what risks do consumers face by participating in industries that aren’t regulated? We live in an age where the ideas of an individual can be rapidly shared, supported, and funded by an insatiable audience. I’m talking specifically about off-beat, nontraditional service provisions. Here lies … Continue reading Quality for the Service Industry—Lessons from the Sharing Economy

Raising the Profile of the Professional Certified Auditor

I recently received an email asking, “Why is it possible for doctors, dentists, engineers, and lawyers to obtain university qualifications, register with relevant boards, and then enter private practice, yet it isn’t possible for management system auditors to do the same?” It’s a valid point. Why are management system auditors perceived as having a lesser … Continue reading Raising the Profile of the Professional Certified Auditor

How Your Personal Attributes Get Your Career Started

As a developer of certification and credentialing systems, I long ago realized that what we really want is for someone to do a job “well” or be “good” at something. These words have nothing to do with study or experience, rather they equate to the thousands of decisions made each day while performing the role. … Continue reading How Your Personal Attributes Get Your Career Started