Business Development Team

Scott Paton, Business Development Manager

Scott Paton has more than 30 years of experience in the quality, standards, and certification world, having worked in media, advertising, and sales for most of that time. He has been a magazine publisher, book publisher, and marketing and sales manager. He has written dozens of articles on standards, certification, and auditing, and has worked with hundreds of authors to create meaningful articles and books to help the quality community. He and his team are dedicated to helping you achieve a successful partnership with Exemplar Global.

Telephone: +1-414-274-2395
Skype: smpaton

Laura Smith, Account Representative

The Americas, Europe, Africa

Laura Smith has been involved with media her entire career, working as a journalist, author, editor, and sales professional. She has worked in the quality and standards area for more than 10 years, and has a strong understanding of the certification, standards, and management systems world. Laura is passionately committed to helping clients find the right medium to reach their customers and achieve their goals. Located in the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills of Northern California, Laura is perfectly positioned to serve her global client base.

Telephone: +1-530-413-9122
Skype: anotherlaurasmith

Peet Gorman, Account Representative

Australasia, Asia, Middle East

Peet Gorman is a dedicated sales professional who brings a wealth of customer-focused skills to her clients. Her goal is to ensure that customers find the right medium to reach their clients. Peet is new to the auditing and standards world but has worked in a variety of customer-focused areas. She is located in Sydney, Australia, so she is ideally located to cover the Australasia, Asia, and Middle East markets.

Telephone: +61-02-4728-4612
Skype: orrawan.gorman